The addition of KemituraSil® products helps to avoid agglomeration efficiently, enabling producers of such powders to deliver a constant product quality to every place of the world. Due to the high absorptivity of the silica, food powder products treated with KemituraSil® fumed silica show extended storage stability. KemituraSil® fumed silica can be applied to powdered food ingredients by usual powder mixing processes.

Many food ingredients are spray dried. Examples are vegetable powder, whey powder, fruit powder, egg powder, or coffee creamer. During production caking can occur at the inner walls of the spray drier, which makes regular cleaning necessary. The addition of KemituraSil fumed silica directly into the spray tower, separately from the spray dried slurry, reduces the caking and avoids expensive downtimes. Furthermore, this modus operandi saves an additional mixing step and increases the throughput. This is the most efficient way to apply silica as a flow- and anti-caking aid.