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KemituraSil Fumed Silica

KemituraSil is synthetic, amorphous silica produced via flame hydrolysis.

KemituraSil is a white fluffy powder with extremely small particle size, enormous surface area and high purity

The unique characteristics means that KemituraSil can be used in many applications and a variety of industries.

KemituraSil is used as a thickening and thixotropic agent in many organic systems, unsaturated polyesters, coatings, paints and lacquers, printing inks, adhesives, composites,pharmacy and in cosmetics.

KemituraSil is used as reinforcing filler in elastomers, hereunder silicones.

KemituraSil is used as free flow additive in technical powders, in food and feed where even small amounts significantly improve the flow properties. Because of its high surface area KemituraSil can bind moisture thus promoting free flow of the powder.

KemituraSil® hydrophobic Fumed Silica is treated with silanes or siloxanes.
Along with the traditional application areas (e.g. polyester, silicone, paints and coatings), hydrophobic KemituraSil® products are used with increasing success in high technology fields.

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